Tired of Buying Courses That Only Give You Part of the Story?

Then This is Definitely For You!

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is a significant decision, especially when previous experiences may have left you searching for more. At United Business Networks, we are proud to offer a new type of Business Course, "$0 to Hero in 90 Days," that goes beyond conventional teachings.

Crafted by a community of successful business owners, this course is designed to empower new entrepreneurs with the insights, strategies, and tools they need to succeed.

The $0 to Hero in 90 Days Course from United Business Networks was built to cover all aspects of creating your new (legal) online business. We leave nothing out. Our mission was to create a course that would provide our students with ALL of the information they needed, not just the hype.

With "$0 to Hero in 90 Days", We're Leaving Nothing Out!

You'll Learn ALL THE STUFF Other Courses Deliberately Leave Out.

Such As. . .

  • Forming a legal business

  • Filing with State, Local, and City Governemnts

  • Tax Incentives and Considerations

  • Sales Tax Registrations

  • Designing a Winning Business Concept

  • Writing a Business and Marketing Plan

  • Identifying Your Target Market

  • Grabbing Market Share

  • Writing Financial Reports

  • And more.

What Sets Us Apart

Growth Through Collaboration

Community-Driven Expertise:

Our course is not just a compilation of theories; it's a living, breathing resource shaped by a community of experienced business owners. Each lesson reflects the real-world strategies and experiences of those who have thrived in the competitive business landscape. We understand your journey because we've walked the same path.

Inclusive Approach:

Unlike other courses that deliberately avoid essential concepts, our approach is all-encompassing. We cover the aspects others might neglect, ensuring you receive a well-rounded education. From forming a legal business to navigating tax incentives, we've got you covered. We bridge the gap in knowledge that often holds new entrepreneurs back.

Guidance and Support Every Step of the Way:

Your success is our priority. As you take the entrepreneurial leap, rest assured that our team will be there to guide and support you. Whether you have questions about the course material, need advice on a business decision, or seek encouragement during challenging moments –
we're just a message away.

Unlock the Power of Collective Wisdom:

One of our members here at UBN, a passionate entrepreneur leading a high-potential tech startup, faced some unique challenges getting his company up and running in the fast-paced startup landscape. He encountered hurdles in funding, market validation, product development, and customer acquisition. Joining our collaborative community, he was able to tap into the collective group wisdom with which he gained innovative solutions, and experienced a profound transformation to his business approach.

Empowered by the network's mentorship, collaborative problem-solving, and access to varied skill sets, his startup achieved more than just solutions to specific challenges – it experienced a paradigm shift in the entrepreneurial journey. How will your story compare?

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Expertly Laid Out Lesson Plan

The lessons in this course have been laid out in a progressive manner that bring our students on a journey of self-discovery to develop an idea and concept for their new business, then turn that concept into a legal business formation, buiding a business infrastructure to support and grow their new business, and finally to build a sales and marketing machine to bring customers in the door.

We Teach the Way You Learn

Whether you are a reader, auditory, tactile, or visual learner, our course has you covered. Our Course lessons are laid out in written and video format, with available handouts, written and group assignments, homework assignments that pay, as well as other written assessments and quizzes to help ensure you feel confident in your knowledge and skills before moving to the next lesson.

Support from the Team that Helps You Grow

United Business Networks is a networking community based on the idea that banding together with other business leaders can make all of our lives simpler and stronger. When one of us succeeds, we all do! Every week, we hold training and networking meetings with other business leaders, like yourself, to provide guidance, access, and support for the growth of your business.

Who Is This Course Right For?

This course is tailor-made for professionals aged 30 to 65 who've never owned a business or found previous courses lacking.

This course is for you if you're:

  • Fed up with the limitations of your current career.

  • Yearning for more than mediocre success.

  • Are skeptical about online business courses that promised the moon but only delivered a mountain of disappointment.

As a proud member of United Business Networks (UBN), you're not just enrolling in a course – you're gaining access to a dynamic community that prioritizes your success.

Key Membership Benefits Include:

Networking Community:

Connect, collaborate, and forge relationships with fellow business owners on our 24/7 online platform. The power of networking is at your fingertips, allowing you to seek advice and explore opportunities whenever and however you want.

Weekly Online Meetings:

Engage in real-time communication, share insights, and promote your business during our weekly online meetings. This platform fosters a sense of community and offers valuable networking opportunities.

Comprehensive Business Tools:

Access an integrated suite of advanced business management and operations tools provided in partnership with Rocket Business Tools. Streamline your operations, make data-driven decisions, and enhance efficiency – all included in your membership.

Speaking of putting these amazing tools to work for your business:

One UBN member, an innovative player in the online education landscape, told us that they really used to struggle with effective monetization and promotion of their digital courses. Joining our membership provided exclusive access to our amazing suite of advanced tools from Rocket Business Tools, enabling them to optimize pricing, gain real-time market insights, and enhance profitability.

This UBN member’s strategic decision to join our business community transformed their digital product monetization and promotion dynamics, resulting in increased conversions, higher learner engagement, and sustained growth. When you Join today, you might be our next BIG success!

What Can You Expect From This Course?

When you sign up for the "$0 to Hero in 90 Days" Course today, you're signing up for the best in business building and training. Our Course topics:

Module 1: Business Ownership Defined

  • Understanding the Economic Landscape

  • The Need for Adaptation

  • Demystifying Business Ownership

  • Benefits of Business Ownership

  • Addressing Fears and Hesitations

  • The Power of Information

Module 2: Crafting Your Business from Thin Air

  • The Winning Formula

  • Assessing Your Current Position

  • Forming a Business Structure

  • Building a Business and Marketing Plan

  • Getting a Business Bank Account and Merchant Account

  • Module 2 Recap

Module 3: Building Your Business for Success

  • Working With UBN to Grow Your Business

  • Building Your Online Business with Rocket Power

  • Setting up your Company in the Rocket Business Tool System

  • Configuring products with your Merchant Service Account

  • Building a Sales Funnel

  • Configuring your sales opportunity pipelines

  • Building a successful automation workflow for your funnel

  • Connecting your Funnel to your Site

Module 4: Marketing and Ad Development

  • Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy

  • How to Effectively Identify the Target Audience for Your Ad Campaign

  • Crafting a Compelling Advertisement for Your Online Product or Service

Contests and Reward Opportunities

  • Module 1: $265 Reward Opportunity

  • Module 2: $1,000 Contest

  • Module 3: $1,200 Reward Opportunity

Support When You Need It Most

  • 24/7 Online Community of Peers

  • Weekly Training and Q&A Sessions

  • Email, Chat, and Phone Support

  • Dedicated Mentor Assigned to Each Account

PLUS + We're Bundling Even More (No Extra Cost)

  • Course: Build Your Online Course in 7 Days

  • Course: Rocket Business Tools Setup & Training

  • Course: Kickstart Training

  • Diamond Level Membership (FREE Setup and 1 Month Included.)

Exclusive Bundle Offer ($3,198 Value)

  • Access to the "$0 to Hero in 90 Days" Course
    ($1,499 value)

  • Access to the "Build Your Online Course in Just 7
    Days" Course ($999 value)

  • Access to the UBN Membership Kickstarter Course

  • Access to the Rocket Business Tools Setup and Training Course

  • Free 1-Month Membership at our Top-Tier 'Diamond' Level ($700 value)

This comprehensive bundle is your toolkit for success.

Today, it's yours for the unbeatable price.

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Financing Available – $0 Down:

We understand that investing in your future is crucial, but can also be inconvenient money-wise. This is why we are offering a financing option with $0 down today if you need it.

Take the first step towards your entrepreneurial journey without worrying about an immediate financial commitment, and pay later with the money your new business earns.

Ready to Begin Your Journey? Enroll Today:

Your desire for a thriving online business deserves an approach that feels secure comfortable, and complete. Join us, and let's build your success together.